WHAT IS 8-BIT? | What are 8-bit graphics, anyway?

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8-bit is a term that gets thrown around a lot, by a lot of different games.

What does this term actually mean, and how many games deserve to use it? Mark (@britishgaming) finds out.



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  1. What? 8-bit color depth? It's unrelated topic. 8-bit refers to 8-bit processors and the capabilities of the commercially available computers of that period, which in turn defined a more or less common style of graphics, music etc. 8-bit color depth came 2 decades later.

  2. Well, imagine long ago, when everything was black and white, the first car. It had 1 cylinder, went 18mph. Blew everyone's minds. That's 8-bit. Then racing consoles came out with 2 cylinders, then four and now we all drive V8s and the consoles have some turbos too.

  3. This is crazy that there are now kids that dont know what 8 bit is. We have to make videos to explain it to people…
    Fucking crazy future we are in for.
    Glad i grew up playing super mario 64 and gameboy color. I was born in the right generation for sure <3

  4. I grew up in the '80s before the consoles, mostly using Commodores. (Started programming a PET at school which had no graphics or games, then a Vic20 then a C64.) The C64 game you chose there doesn't do the machine justice at all. Top C64 games look ten times better than any of those NES games you showed. Despite just having a UDG background (8×8 monochrome, 4×8 3 colour + background.) Same with the 8 sprites over the top (though clever people could get more by using the interrupt. Look at sensible soccer when the game ends and you can see that each sprite of a player was several sprites on top of each other.)

    You could have showed the bas relief graphics of Uridium, or the parallax scrolling of Parallax. Or what about Trailblazer 2 on a C64 or Speccie. Simple but so playable.

    Oh, and none of the consoles, 8 or 16 bit, come close to the music a SID chip produced.


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