Toxic player from Arab. OVERWATCH solo Q – Hero_Jahat acc

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3 rounds of intense playing and my son played well all those rounds . Toxicity and raging is not helpful. They shoul’ve won if not for that 1 dude from arabs who was keep on shouting and cursing..

Anyways what do you think about it ?Give some comments

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  1. I don't even blame the arab guy, you were honestly playing worse than a silver and he wasn't really wrong about that.
    It's not because of his cursing and toxicity that you lost it's actually because of how bad you were all playing and he was even trying to raise your morale at the start of the game but it not working caused him to turn that way.

  2. Genuinely what an ape, cursing 24/7 nonstop, complaining about his team even though he doesn't do shit himself

    People like this should understand that you must have fun in Overwatch, even if it's in ranked.. do your best, but don't forget to have fun

    and never ever take your anger on your team like that…. absolutely poor attitude

  3. okay i apologize instead of this person, sometimes arabs can really be toxic…and he’s cursing wayy too much (typical) , but to be fair the team wasn’t that good, i would’ve got mad too but i would’nt be toxic.


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