Taking out a sniper [Genocidal Organ / Gyakusatsu Kikan / 虐殺器官 Eng Dub]

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How to hit back with unequal force

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  1. For those who are wondering why child soldiers are in this, in the series this us team is infiltrating a warlord's controlled territory. The warlord gives his child soldiers drugs to make them insane and not care about their own safety, the soldiers themselves are also on a stimulus drug that makes them apathetic.

  2. For those of you who haven't watched the anime
    It's not about action
    It's not about call of duty
    It's not about war
    It's not about advanced military
    It's about Tyrannical governments
    It's about Mass eradication
    It's about Human Nature
    It's about Genocide

  3. Ok the comments are all like cod but this anime is dam pretty scary when you watch it. After a nuclear bomb goes off in a developed country and all the other developed countries go crazy in security. And what the antagonist was saying about when the main character just killed a bunch of kids and how they use"it is my job" putting real world examples.

    Man it is real mature and it shows what might actually happen of this sort of senario actually does accure.


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