Super Archer Strength Test | Clash of Clans

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Super Archer the most recent super troops in Clash of Clans.
Today we gonna test super archer and put it on action. Is she really superb?
Let’s find that out.
We gonna test super archer in 4 different test. I’m not gonna do super archer vs every troops since everyone already done it.
First is gonna be range, super archer has above average range and is one of the best range troops in terms of range. We gonna see how much advantage that long range attack.
Second is the piercing shot ability or sharp shot ability that super archer posses. This ability make her able to fire a piercing arrow that can pierce through many defense and building even troops. Let’s see how strong is that ability. We also gonna compare sharp shot ability with other troops similar ability like bowler with his boulder and electro dragon with its lightning chain.
Third test is the durability and strength. This is pretty abstract I’m gonna be honest but I’ll try to make it clear as possible by comparing super archer performance with similar troops like electro dragon (seriously). Super archer will go through many obstacle to proof her strength.
For fourth test I’m gonna proof my theory here. What is the best combination of ranged unit that has good range and decent durability (not easily destroyed by one hit by defense). Yeah it’s healer. Super archer special attack will work best if supported by overflowing energy of regeneration. In short, I’m gonna try super archer walk.
I also included some notable battles like super archer vs archer, PEKKA, and Archer Queen.

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