NES Classic Edition Hack How to Add 700 Games NES MINI

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In this video, i show you how to easily Hack and mod your NES Classic Edition and add 700 NES Games!! 7Zip – If HackChi …

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    Google Drive –
    Mega –!9vRE0BpC!12YE7ud_WrUdJJrEo393KV3bs_YpabJCsuIWgnsayow

  2. someone help me if you can. i followed all the steps to the letter installed drivers..get this error ..waiting for the device then,. this message …Hackchi2 has stopped working .a problem has caused the program to stop working then it crashes.Nes mini does not work at all..but didn't expect it until it loaded the games anyone have ideas? hellppppp.

  3. Everything worked like a charm, the key is install hakchi make sure nes is not plugged in, step 1 when u got to extraxt or dump kernel, it will ask u to plug in nes when u do this hold reset for 3 like seconds same time press power while still holding reset, when your pc sees your nes let go of the reset , if you don't it will give u a error,, press reset at the same time press power hackchi should see it then let go reset

  4. SkittlesForTheColorblindPeople · Edit

    I only installed about 15 games or so extra. You know. The classics. Like Batman, the Ninja Gaiden games, Tetris, Contra and such.
    Nice too it has an option in Hakchi to enable the turbo function. 🙂


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