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  1. Gate opens in EU: The Germans welcome them and reaffirm they are not Nazis anymore.
    The Italians say the Empire is one of their old Roman colonies. Then forget about it.
    The Spanish send a Mission, but no one speaks Spanish there. They film a telenovela.
    The Greek get into a fight with the Turks. Gate? What Gate? We are busy!
    The Hungarians put the Imperial Army behind barbed wire. Then ask the EU for more money.
    The Polish go full Medieval on the Imperial Army. Even using cavalry.
    The French surrender.

  2. If Tezuka saw these animes,he'll be pissed.

    "I believe it is a great sin to simply describe war, although it is okay to include the producer's message when describing war in animation."
    Osamu Tezuka

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of artillery. In WW2 the majority of casualties were from some variety of artillery (field artillery, mortars, bombs from aircraft, or naval artillery). Honestly, this was a sanitized view; the aftermath of an artillery barrage on troops caught in the open like this would be UGLY. There would be pieces of bodies everywhere, those that survived would have been hit with shrapnel and bleeding out with holes in them, probably missing a limb or two (for clearing out infantry like this they would use fragmentary rounds… or incendiary… or thermobaric if they just felt like being mean). Frankly unless the artilley ran out of ammunition, very few of the primitive screwheads should have survived to make it within range of the even the tanks. The third advance at night wouldn't have even saved them, not with low light and IR spotters for the artillery.

    In the real world an advance on a fortified position like this would have started with a heavy artillery bombardment of their own. They then would use APCs to protect against fragmentation, lots and lots of smoke to obscure their position, and on foot would advance under cover, and spread out. Counter battery fire as well air engagements would be extremely important. Of course the closest the fantasy troops could come to any of that is trebuchets and dragons, which isn't really going to cut it.

  4. My only complaint about this anime is how the Americans are portrayed. I would have them be interested in getting in another conflict, but still supporting Japan due to their military agreements. I would really like to see a Japanese-American collaboration force, like what happened with the boxers


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