How to Sell Your Game on Steam!

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In this video I want to teach you the basics about uploading, publishing and selling your game on Steam. Content of this video: 0:00 – Introduction 1:11 – Make a …

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  1. Uploading the game to Steam is the only thing that seems to be unconventional. I mean, why isn't there a simple upload and wait for our review and approval? Why is there 'hacking' and typing long code commands into my computer line after line in a very complicated fashion? Is it really that hard to do that or can it be done with ease?

  2. Hey, super great video really helps me ! But I have a little question. I also live in Germany. How is it there with the "sole proprietorship" ? Can I just type that in and that's it or do I still have to fill out a trade license or something like that at the city hall.


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