How to Add 700+ Games SNES Classic Edition Mini HACK

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Hacking the SNES Classic Mini Github for the latest release of Hakchi2 Download: Hackchi2 for SNES Classic …

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  1. There is not enough space to hold all Snes roms. Now if you want all Nes roms on this device they will fit. But Snes will not fit people. Im guessing Drew just assumed they would fit. However, there is also some issues with reading roms from zips. Retroarch will help with this using the proper modules. And play the Sfroms such as Mario All Stars. So take your time. Pick and choose your favorites from Nes,Snes & Sega and transfer those over. Assign the emulator module to the roms and transfer.


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  4. if you add 700 games + box are you will run out of space… on a NES no problem. SNES problem. and remember save states?? If you have 2 many games the save states will not work. duh.

  5. Does backing up the kernal save in-game data, I.e if I'm on level 27 in Mario when I back it up if I restore it can I maintain this progress? Is it possible to leave that game untouched and keep the progress? Thanks!

  6. would love to know how you actually added all 700 plus snes games… close to 1gb of roms to a device that only has 250 mb free space… and special compress program you have?
    very interested

  7. lol 700 games….how much free memory do you think there will be spare from a penny pinching company like ninbendover? Still there are only about 10 decent SNEEZ games and none of them are built into the machine so it is good it is hackable and plenty of space for everyone to have their faves…lol 700

  8. My best suggestion is the most advanced Raspberry Pi computer board and an original SNES defective game console is a better alternative, unless Ben Heck from the Ben Heck Show can do this kind of possibility.


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