[General Tutorial #1] How to set-up an AutoHotKey for SA:MP or General use. [L:RP]

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Hello there,

Yes it’s me again 🙂 bringing you another tutorial but this time outside of San Andreas and into an external programme which will allow you to press a button in game and text or a command will appear on your screen within seconds.

Link to the programme –

If you would like another example of one please feel free to post in the comment section below and I will reply a.s.a.p.

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out our forum,

Code for those who may need it:

SendInput t/me laughs. {enter}

^^ Simple one, change the text to what you want.

SendInput t/me laughs slightly {enter}
SendInput t/do Sweat would drip off of Steve’s head {enter}

^^Little more advanced, don’t forget to change the text.

SendInput t/me laughs slightly changing his vision from the man and truck. {enter}
sleep 1000
SendInput t/do The truck would begin to drive at Steve and he would notice. {enter}

^^ I’d say most advanced one to use in games, remember you can add more timers ( sleep ) if you would like to change it so it follows the rest of the pattern.

Thank you!

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  1. I love this keybinder for many reasons. One of them is that it doesn't require the NET Framework and is fast with large script. Perfecting my script is a game/puzzle of its own right. I use it while driving where it is not practically possible to enter chat.

    You could use NumpadEnd for functions, and still be able to type "1" with numlock on. Also, I find that it is necessary to prepend hotkeys with $ to use the keyboard hook, which prevents recursion in case the hotkey occurs in the output. NumpadEnd UP may be used to fire upon releasing the key, and thus protect from accidental repeated execution and flooding of the chat if the key is held down. This can also be achieved with a variable that is set on 'key' and cleared on 'key up' (then the text fires without delay on the keydown event).

    A whole other layer can be defined on Numpad with a custom modifier key, for example Scroll Lock, which can be held down with the same hand (unlike Alt, or Ctrl).

    This keybinder can be made safe, and never spill out unwanted commands into the chat.

  2. I'm not saying this is a bad tutorial, in fact it's pretty decent, but there are a few mistakes in the video.

    For one, the space before {Enter} isn't needed, that will just type a space in the chat before hitting enter.

    Another one is 't/' which can be replaced with 't^a/' to select all text in the chat and type over it, in case you pretyped something.

    Another one was with the first hotkey, which you can make on 1 line. Put a space after ::, then type the SendInput command on the same line.

    The final one being numpad 2, which can be done on a single line, just add t/ or t^a/ after {Enter} with no spaces.

    Still a decent video, but I thought I might lend some advice :p


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