Evolution of Alice Games [1985-2021]

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Evolution of Alice Games [1985-2021] Поддержать канал монеткой (Support the channel with a coin): Список …

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  1. But it’s not 2021 yet lol

    You missed Down The Rabbit Hole. It’s a VR game. Small and short but really neat.

    It’s a bit sad that with such a fun idea, not many video games have utilized it

  2. American McGee himself said "If we started making the game it would take up to 3 to 4 years for it to finish," He said that last year. On top all of that EA still did not fully greenlight the game. Asylum won't be out next year.

  3. Крутое видео! Ну тогда потом ещё сделаешь игры Winnie The Pooh и Полный привод только названия у него пиши на английском.


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