Board Game Highlights! #1 – Avalon: Nobody Trusts Trott

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I’m joined by Trott, Mark, Tom and Alex for a game of Avalon! Who is the assassin? Who can we trust? Not Trott. Next episode: …

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  1. I had a sub at school and me and my friends was about to play mafia and we was explaining the game to a girl then the sub came and asked if we was playing mafia and we all said yes so he said he had something way better and pulled out avalon and it was so much fun. Every team i was on won i didnt lose once 😀 just to brag .

  2. Ooh! I love this game! I remember my friend when he became merlin… He started kicking the good guys under the table! Haha! Theres also one time He started texting the us! 😂 cheats :p

  3. We played this at camp a lot. The one fun tradition we had is that we would always make up a quest that they would have to go on, and based on the success or fail cards we would have a little story going on. We always had a lot of fun, or at least I did, of accusing everyone of being bad guys. At least one time, I was a bad guy. I think I was Mordred. I got to be a the Narrator too, but I've been Merlin quite a few times. It is always more fun if you're one of the special characters even Oberon.

  4. In a 5-player game with the score being 1-2, a successful 4th mission means everyone in the mission is resistance. (different from games with more people where 2 failed cards are needed for 4th mission to fail) The resistance only needs to repeat the same team in the 5th mission to win.


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