Asphalt 7: Heat – Developer Diary Part 1

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Learn everything about how Gameloft developers hit the speed of heat making the acclaimed Asphalt 7: Heat! Check out Developer Diary Part 1 now!

Check out now ‘Asphalt 7: Heat – Developer Diary Part 2’

Available on iPhone / iPad & Android!

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  1. And the reason gameloft games are glitchy in android phones isn't bcuz android sucks cuz it doesn't its compatibility problems its hard to make a game that's compatible with over 1,000 different android phones but with apple youre designing it for 3 devices iPod iPhone and iPad

  2. And to Helen li stop being a bitch sum android phones have features the iPhone doesn't have for example Samsung galaxy s4 has higher resolution than the iPhone but iPhone has more processing power so one is better than the other in different ways its hard to compare the two so just shhh be quit and don't open you're fukin mouth if u don't kno you're goddam facts

  3. To Yasser gamer look I like both android and apple equally the A6x chip has more CPU and GPU power than Terra's quad core chip even the one that's not out yet and better graphics power in short more cores doesn't make it better A6x has only 2 cores and its better some phones have tons of cores and it only slows down the phone look it up i bet u don't kno wat you're talking about I'm a frikin programmer so don't even argue

  4. To Helen li:
    Android devices are way much better than apple devices !!! So shut up,does an iphone have quad core processor,does it have an nvidia GPU,does it have a 2GB RAM,does it have a 1920*1080 screen,or a hacking capability as much as a super android phone,no it doesn't;in the world of smartphones,an android device is a European super car,and an iphone is just a wannabe muscle car.


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