Alpha Gamers – Part 4 – Final – (GLMM – Orginal??)

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Hello everyone ^.^

This is reuploaded after beinged fixed, What happpened was i did use the right clips but, the video layer system works diffrently in the program I combine these in I’m so very truly sorry I’m going to check multible times on my videos from now on please dont hate me I’m only human and make mistakes : (

If anything else is missing its because i didnt notice it but I think its all fixed now eaither way only reuploading it once hopefully I didnt miss anything : (

I’ll remove the other one once this is finished

I’m sorry this is very late, but I hope it was worth your wait ^.^

I learned allot about editing making this and I made the Game sumulations short so you don’t get bored if there to long cause I feel like that’s like saying my intro is to long XD

Anyways next video will be the Halloween special and then cupid next gen part 3 🙂

Join the discord server if you like ^.^

have a good day everyone, thanks for watching!


I Do not own any of these songs all credits and rights go to the creators/ respective owners.

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  1. Rip the likes : / Reuploaded, I hope I got all the mistakes i watched over it but I don't trust myself sometimes…. Anyways I'll watch my videos more then once all the way through I'm sorrry about the delay and inconvenience please dont hate me I'm only human and I make mistakes to : (

  2. cant wait for cupid next gen pt3! also anyone read ghostlys comment on her vid,
    1. your glmms are amazing you shouldnt get yourslef down about gacha life, the only thing that matters is if you enjoy it.
    2. there can be things that you are not perfect at but dont push yourself to hard just for other peoples opinions.
    3. you are amazing for doing all of this, and you have 61.7k subscribers.
    4. Be PROUD, dont let other people get you down, dont get yourself down.


  3. Honestly I wouldn’t give Cody a second chance. Since he was sincere I wouldn’t hold any grudges against him, but there’s absolutely no way he can think about keeping his position or our friendship after that.


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