Alpha Gamers – Part 1 – (GLMM – Orginal??)

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Hello everyone ^.^

Please note I started this before valentines day. That’s why the walking animations seem to be a little strange.

Omg, I’m like in shock right now. Thank you, everyone, for so many likes and subs on the Valentine’s day speical video. Also, I might make an after story to answer some of your unanswered questions. o.o

I wasn’t home much this week, but there will be a part two mini-movie. I hope you enjoy. 🙂
Most answers will be answered in part 2. 🙂

I do not own any of these songs, all credits and rights go to the creators/ respective owners.

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  1. Her:why cant my dad accept my love for games

    My dad: Wanna play a game daughter

    Me:YES OF COURSE instantly opens mobile legends sorry mobile legends haters :(((

    My mom: get to school your gonna be late!!!!

    (and if your wondering how im gonna get to school becuz of corona i have online school and sometime i have to actually go to the school)

  2. Can I Correct you? It’s “our” , not “are” okay? This has been happening for many vids already, hope you correct it, love you’re content by the way, keep it up!!! 😉

  3. Sky: why can't my dad understand my love for games
    Me: I feel ya girl im on electronics 24/7 and
    My fam: how can you pull an all nighter on youtube and roblox?!! that's basically impossible!!!!!!!!!!


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