Alice: Madness Returns Game Movie (All Cutscenes) 1080p HD

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  1. I never played the game, I barely watched a few playthroughs and cutscenes, and yet, I can sort of see the reason, why this game is so scary. It's not even the excessive blood, gore, and body horror, it's the fact, that Alice is a child. A girl, that went through a series of extremely traumatic events, and had nobody to turn to, because in the end, every possible somewhat reliable figure in her life betrayed her in the end. And just knowing, how many horrors she went through, and what she sees, and how much torment this orphan has gone through, it not only makes my heart break, but also feel really really bad for her.

  2. I can see this being made into a Hulu show. I feel like Hulu does psychological shows better than Netflix tbh this would be so fire and maybe they can just focus on here in the Asylum and have little flashbacks from wonderland

  3. You know, I like to believe that Bumby didn't just throw the lamp to the fireplace (I'm not american, I don't know how you say "lareira" in english) like Alice believes he did, since that doesn't fit the intro of the first game. I like to believe that Bumby, after abusing Alice's sister, he saw the library and realized that the place was indeed a fire trap. So, he put the lamp close to the fireplace, he grabed Alice's sleepy cat (she neither woke up nor attacked him, because he acquired Lizzie's smell after raping her), put her on the book shelf that was most likely to, if the books fell, knock over the lamp release its inflamible liquid into the fireplace, and discreetly woke her up, quickly geting out of the house right after that.

  4. For those who say that the sequel was unnecessary, I know of two things that may make it more necessary for the saga :

    -The Queen and the Hatter always say that Alice is runing away from the truth. But what truth is she running from ? I mean, she already feels guilty like they want her too, so it can't be that truth;

    -Most people have got problems with the fact Alice reverted back to her insane state before the first game, right ? Well, I can actually give you reason on that one, but that's why I've got a fan-fic in which Alice was taken in by Bumbi in return of her help in dealing with her patients, because thanks to her trauma and the damage it caused, she has got a better insight on how to deal with the children. This way, she could keep being the healed and once again happy girl that got out of Rutledge Asylum. However, after being around the doctor for some time, her repressed memories start to resurface vaguely in her dreams, and Bumbi, taking advantage of that mental state that weakens her mind, goes to her room every night and hypnotises her, as he wishes to make a prostitute out of her. This way, she can still have these mental issues she acquired on the second game, but still retain the positive personality she acquired after the first game.

  5. I think the caterpillar based on her growth in to maturity he blossoms into the butterfiy the second one I think that is because she's out in the world now so he is now based on her life choices


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