Air Strike 2 (Windows game 2007)

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Air Strike 2 is a 3D shoot ’em up game made by Divo Games. It’s very similar with Air Shark, Air Assault, Aerial Fire. But it is shareware version. You can utilize …

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  1. 쉐어웨어코리아 였던가 데모버젼을 배포했던적이 있는데 그당시 시간가는줄 모르고 했었습니다 ㅎㅎ 오랜만에 다시 보니 추억이 새록새록 떠오르네요

  2. This is demo version of Air Strike 2

    Demo Version 2.45

    3 Demo Stages:
    • Demo Stage 0: Tutorial
    • Demo Stage 1: Sand Assault
    • Demo Stage 2: Close Combat

    Only Green Viper as playable helicopter in demo version
    Sky Keeper, Steel Falcon, Venomous Thorn, DG 17-F and Lava Hammer will become unlockable helicopter if you purchase full version or download full version

    I already have full version of Air Force Missions, it's mistaken as Air Assault when I've download the file

  3. The Game Can't Run On Windows 10!
    I Tried To Launch As Administrator And Compabillity Mode And It Didn't Help!
    Can Anyone Make A Patch That Can Make The Game Run On Windows 10? Please! I Played The Game Previously On Windows 7 And I Used Compabillity Mode And It Worked!
    I Need The Win10 Patch Please!


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