AFTERPULSE vs BATTLE PRIME – Full Graphics Comparison In Max Settings!

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Afterpulse Elite Army & Battle Prime are both Free Android Games which come with Ultra Console Graphics and Third person Gameplay!

Lets Compare The graphics Settings between Afterpulse & Battle prime Side by side…See the graphics Difference & Which textures look More realistic! 😌

Download Link For Android:-
•Afterpulse: Elite Army [1.8GB] :
•Battle Prime [48mb + 800 mb] :

Both games are in Maxed Settings so Enjoy the quality in 60FPS!

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  1. Poor animation and sound design for after pulse.

    Lack of content game modes like BR mode for BP.

    BP has potential but is just too stubborn to listen to its community.

  2. Battle prime is too much kiddie for me they really need to improve it like ragdoll deaths more violence afterpulse is a good game but the walking of the character is like walking on slippery ice they need to add defuse mod, zombie mod if anyone can agree with me thx for reading this just saying it tho

  3. And my phone can't handle the ultra graphics on these games…
    Dang… But as far as I had experienced, battle prime is better and getting better. The problem with afterpulse is the pay to win aspect. As paid weapons (of course) far outweighs the free ones. And the lag issue in afterpulse is annoying too, although battle prime has some lag issues as of late due to rising player base. Afterpulse had evolved very nice thru the years as for battle prime, its still growing. I just hope that both games won't suffer the same fate as bulletforce had…

  4. Battle prime apenas está empezando y tiene muy buena pinta y no por los gráficos, y yo dure un año jugando afterpilse y nunca me fue fluido y las animaciones de movimientos no son nada buenas

  5. the graphic is pretty cool but the problem in this game is how the hell they forgot to set the fpp mode cause i coudn't find where to change the playing mode is there anyone can help me to find if its existed ?


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