Absolver HIGH LEVEL PVP – Intense Duels!

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  1. DISAGIO_ASSOLUTO Gameplay · Edit

    caspita complimenti per il tuo inglese!
    doppiamente bravo perché giocare a absolver e parlare contemporaneamente è un casino, (a me escono solo versi e imprecazioni), tu lo fai addirittura in una lingua straniera!

    PS: la sigla è bellissima

  2. You're accent sounded similar, then i read your in-game name… interessante vedere un italiano che prova a farsi un audience più varia parlando un inglese, anche un po povero a tratti haha. Bel lavoro, continua così mutandone!

  3. its sad how little story content absolver had. i feel like it wouldnt had died so early if the story was 20+ hours or summin because you just cant learn all the cool tricks in this game in just 6 hours

  4. This game is underated because of the spam trash. Why bother putting together a cool deck when spam trash is very real. All these trash ass always spam square decks out here now XD ruins a good fighting game. I can and have made an infinite square loop too, its not impressive. Shit ruins the game. Srry just ranting. Good video

  5. just bought this game on steam xD is it a lot different from for honor? Cuz I've been playing for hnor for some time now and was looking to play other games that kinda has like for honor fight mechanics

  6. Wish the devs would at least express more interest in expanding this game. It has so much potential but I don't enjoy the PvP.

    The PvP in this game feels like the PvP in a card game. It's a lot of fun building a deck and fighting AI is gratifying but then I test my deck online and it's always 1 of 2 out comes: The fight is super satisfying as each player counters the other's move to a T, or One player gets completely bodied or cheesed. It feels like a load of wasted effort when I get cheesed because then it feels like I have to make a brand new deck to fight the cheese, but for every deck someone makes, there's another deck built to counter it. The game's meta is constantly shifting and for a card game that can be fun, but for a fighting game, it just makes me feel like I have to change the way I enjoy playing just to win…

    PvE feels so much better than PvP in this game.

  7. Do you have a school also for xbox one, or somebody in chat have it? I started play absolver 3 days ago and I like it just need to have a cool school like your, fast attacks and good counter its perfect for me


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