10 Roland MT-32 Games #1

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In this video I have captured and recorded 10 games that I played as a young snapper. At the time I had a Sound Blaster and always dreamt of how the Roland MT-32 would sound like.

At around 2008 I finally purchased a Roland MT-32 and could listen to these games, but this time with the mighty Roland MT-32 in full action.

In this video you can listen to:

00:00 Wing Commander II

A great game, and it doesn’t have the speed issues that Wing Commander II had. Improved graphics, faster game play too.

01:24 Red Baron

A really nicely done flight simulator game. More an arcade, but very tense missions, many with historic background.

2:32 Code Name ICEMAN

An interesting adventure game from Sierra. Starts off really well, but somewhat disappointing as you play through it. Magnificent intro music though.

04:04 Heart of China

Awesome looking adventure game. I think the Amiga version has like 10+ floppy discs. Amazing music with many custom sound effects.

06:17 Lotus III

An unusual game for the PC, originating from the Amiga.

07:45 Operation Stealth / The Stealth Affair

Really good point and click adventure game once you get your head around the not so good user interface.

10:04 Monkey Island 2

A real classic and adventure gem.

12:01 Willy Beamish

Great adventure game with a unique setting.

14:04 Strike Commander

Great flight simulator. Wing Commander in the skies.

16:26 Police Quest III

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